Knitting Oil

Knitting Oil

Leading Manufacturer of knitting oil from Tiruppur.

Knitting Oil

Salient features

  • Excellent lubricity
  • Efficient heat resisting property
  • High friction reducing property
  • Good scourability from fabric
  • Corrosion and rust preventing property
  • Good start up performance during cold, Reduced temperatures
  • Compatible on all surfaces

Typical Characteristics

Property Mark Synth W
Physical State Liquid
Color Pale Yellow
Odor Mild
Density(g/cc) 0. 85(+-)0. 02
Viscosity at 40 deg c 32-36
Viscosity index(astm d 567) 100
Flash point*c(astm d 92) >200
Pour Point*c(astm d97) -30
Copper corrosion test(astm d130), 3h, 100*c 1 b
Rust characteristics(astm d665 b/astm d 665a) Passed
Packing 210 ltr / 35 ltr

Letter of Approval

Groz Beckert Test Report