100% Synthetic Thermic Fluid


What happens when Mark Synth U is mixed with other thermic fluid?

As mineral oils are natural hydrocarbons and Mark Synth U is an enriched hydrocarbon, being the same family they are compatible to each other. Extra additives incorporated in Mark Synth U improve performance of any other fluid, new or existing, if added to, as seen below :

  • Decreases the viscosity of existing oil increasing flow rate.
  • Dispersion additive does magic to existing fluid as sticker carbon particles are removed from pipe line surface and breaking the same to micro form to a certain level.
  • By making the flash point stable, life of existing fluid is increased by this addition.
  • Even a percentage change of the existing fluid will give miraculous results. Any accident or mishap will result in overflow of oil and enhancing top-up. So why to wait for an accidents, it is better to top-up with certain percentage of oil as and when needed.

Using Heat Transfer System?

Which can provide :

  • High efficiency incorporated with
  • Effective cost
  • Safety to the devices and
  • Clean Environment


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